Things you should never practice while conducting a telephone conference

By: On: 2016-10-24

A conference call is no doubt a very helpful tool for small business owners as well as well-established business entities. There are a lot of advantages to using conferencing services and getting your messages spread to all of your employees directly. But it could result in a disaster if you have underestimated conference call etiquettes and think that it's a lower level of conferencing you will be conducting. You should be aware of the fact that a telephone conference is as important and attention-taking as the usual conference is. So you should not take it very easy, rather, conduct it professionally as you would in normal conferencing.

Here are some important things that you should clearly avoid while conducting a conference call:

Never start your conference until and unless you have prepared your speech and have jotted down all important points to be delivered to your employees. It will help you describe your goals clearly and make the attendees clear about every aspect in an easy way. If you yourself are not prepared and ready to talk, then you will not be able to communicate properly.

Never try to practice multitasking while you are conducting a conference call. Such an attitude will make the attendees feel bored and they will lose their interest when you stop talking or become distracted due to other ongoing activities on your side. You have to keep your employees engaged all the time to make your conference successful.

Never come late, as it will result into the withdrawal of attendees and you will not be able to conduct your conference successfully. Conferencing service can only be helpful if you take it seriously.

Always ask for a telephone conference call service that offers complete control over the regulation of conversation flow, as it will help you avoid a jumbled discussion where everybody is talking. You should sort things so each of the attendees talks on their turn.

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